@home is running a 50% sale from 10th July until 16th August. I like browsing the Saturday paper to see what is on sale but I’m not the kind who would rush to buy something just because something is available at a discount.

Last weekend, I indulged in some balanced retail therapy. New cushions and covers for the sofa was long overdue. Can it get better if what you want badly is on sale?  With guests expected to arrive Sunday, I rushed to @home Saturday afternoon to buy some fancy cushion covers.  It helped knowing what I needed – synthetic; and what I didn’t want – nothing in cotton or silk.

And this is what I got.

Blue Embroidered Cushion Cover
Blue Embroidered Cushion Cover
Brown Self Design Cushion Cover
Brown Self Design Cushion Cover
Embroidered Cushion Cover
Embroidered Cushion Cover
In their final setting
In their final setting


1. A pair of blue cushion covers : Rs. 175

2. A pair of brown cusion covers: Rs. 200

3. A pair of 12″ brown cushion covers: Rs. 150

4. A pair of 18″ cushions : Rs.150

5. A set of 3 12″ cushions: Rs. 150

The pictures don’t do justice to how fabulous they actually are.


  1. the cushion covers are ok.i think u have not colour coordinated your sofa,cushions,carpet well.that mars the overall effect

  2. Vivek Nath

    I think for an under 1000 rs budget this surely looks wonderful.

  3. I think it looks lovely. That’s the beauty of red, orange, brown … I suppose they all come under the same family of colours, if such a categorization exists … :)

  4. laksh

    @ Vivek: Thanks
    @ Anitha: Thanks
    @ Alka: What would you suggest, considering I don’t have the option of changing wall color, sofa set or the carpet?

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