I came across this resort called Malabar House in Kerala. Malabar House, Trinity, Serenity, Purity, Privacy – all the names of their various resorts in and around Cochin . Fancy that!

 Turquoise love. A hint of turquoise against a white wall can work wonders. Complement it with soft furnishings and you have a winner.

This room is in total contrast to the above one – darker tones set by the wooden walls and flooring. It’s more intimate I feel. That little strip of white wall helps define the space. Keeping the bed simple with a neutral colored spread reinforces the earthiness of the room.

This one is majestic. The cot with its well crafted legs is something to die for. I felt silk sarees as curtains would have worked more magic to this room.

What’s the first thing that caught your eye in the room below? For me, it was the Tanjore painting, window frames, chairs – in that order.

A trip to Kerala has been eluding us for way too long. After seeing these pictures, we just got to expedite it, what do you think?

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Malabar House

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