Hi folks! Am I glad the sun is back and shining bright in Bangalore? You bet, even if only for a little while, after Nilam brought in much gloom over the past few days.  So, are you done with Diwali shopping or is it looming large on your weekend to-do list?

This Friday’s shopping list on dress your home is a bit different. I loved these two images in October’s issue of BBC Good Homes and kept wondering what you’d need if you had to create this look under a budget. Some you may have at home like colorful saris or stoles which could double up as drapes and curtains during the festive season.

I tend to use my various glassware as tea light holders with flower petals floating in them and serve ware across the house. To bring in color and cheer into your home, do you really need to spend a fortune? Nah.


A simple arrangement like a betel leaf with marigold on top can transform something mundane into do dramatic. How about painting a dozen of teeny-tiny diyas and floating them in a glassware? Lighted colorful diyas against a transparent background spells magic.

Today’s picks are primarily from Shopo.

1. Glass lantern for Rs.560 a piece on Shopo

2. Vanilla candles in silver plated glass (an expensive alternative) – Shopo

3. Teal brocade patchwork cushion covers from Anek Designs for Rs.700 or the ones from Sharmila Ahuja – Shopo

4. Jamevar silk cushion for Rs.845 from Casa Omyaa – Shopo

5. Tea light glasses for Rs. 350 or Butterfly Masala chai glasses (use them to float tea lights  and later use as chai glasses)

Image courtesy:

1,2 – BBC Good Homes October ’12 issue

3. From the respectives sites – Shopo and afday

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