How I turned a Maggi glass bottle into an oil dispenser

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How I turned a Maggi bottle into an oil dispenserThis is a thrift post to show how to reuse ketchup and sauce bottles into oil dispensers. Not only are they healthy relative to plastic, they cost almost nothing and look amazing. I have been using these for over six years now. See what you need to make one at home.

I’m in love with glass lately – all shapes, sizes and colors. Thanks to MasterChef, I fell in love with glass oil dispensers that took me on a dispenser-hunting mission to Jamals, Home Stop, @ home, Home Town, a zillion other fancy crockery shops in the neighborhood and wherever we went. So,  I was looking for simple glass oil dispensers but didn’t find anything locally that was budget-friendly.

Then, when the Maggi ketchup bottle got over this time, I had cleaned it up (tip: use hot water and liquid soap to remove labels easily) to paint on it. But, it stayed on the counter for a week when I realized it could be turned into a oil dispenser with a pourer/spout. And, this is what we have.  A standard size spout fixes well on most bottles.

How I turned a Maggi bottle into an oil dispenser

There are 345,978 ideas for what you can do with empty wine bottles – recycling/upcycling call it whatever you like.

Now, if you’re raking your brain on how to cut a glass without a fancy tool, then I found a super easy tutorial.

I love how Steffi of Ohh…Mhhh (btw, if you don’t have her blog in your reader, then you must because it’s awesome) has transformed a simple bottle into something visually pleasing with those neon rubber bands. You can even wrap around wool to get the same effect.

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  1. Are the spouts easily available? I must admit I haven’t really looked. Such a stylish solution. I’m going to try this too – goodbye stack of Maggi bottles :)

  2. laksh

    To be honest, I haven’t really looked around in India but will be. I had a spare and used the same.

  3. Hi

    Want to gift my wife this bottle, not getting anywhere. But I am not aware if this spouts are available or how to make it.


  4. Hi,

    I just came across your blog while looking out for decor blogs in Bangalore.
    Was pleasantly surprised to find this post. I myself have been looking for oil dispensers recently. There were some glass dispensers at Home center in Lifestyle. Just thought of sharing.

  5. laksh

    Hi Lakshmi: thanks for stopping by, and a warm welcome to dyh. Yes, I have seen the ones in Home Center..they are good and the pout is good, too. Only issue I found with them is the capacity of the bottle is too less. I have got the pouts from Jamals, and now I reuse most bottles.

  6. Wow! This turned out great!
    I totally understand the obsession with glass jars. I collect Keventers bottles myself! ;)

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