Ivy Plant : Bringing greenery indoors

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Do you live in an apartment and would love to have a garden but don’t have the time and space? Most of us who fall under that category would at least grow a ivy plant in a bottle. Do you and if yes, how many?

A ivy plant (commonly known as money plant) is one of the first things I get when I move from one city to another. It is at the same priority level as getting a gas connection and a broadband connection (if not in the same order :) ).

Every time I’ve moved, I’ve lost all my plants. On more than one occasion I’ve seen my ivy grow from a plant-with-one- leaf to one spanning more than two floors.  But that hasn’t deterred me from planting a new one again. Now I have over 5 of them, each of a distinct type,  in different planters: two in maggi sauce bottles,  one in a vase,  one in a terracotta plant and one in a pot. The wonderful thing about a ivy plant is it requires little maintenance and grows very quickly with little sunshine and adequate water.

Here are two inspiring pictures to grow your own ivy, if you don’t have one yet.

Ivy Plant
Ivy Plant
Ivy Plant
Ivy Plant

A little greenery inside home makes a world of difference.

Image Courtesy:

1. Flickr : ivy style33

2. Flickr: Synaptic Impulse



  1. Big question. :)
    Does the money plant really help in increasing wealth? :)

    Jokes apart, I am looking for plants with bright coloured flowers. Any suggestions what I should look for? :)

  2. laksh

    I would like to believe so that the money plant does increase one’s bank balance :)

    The shrub variety (don’t know their English names) – the ones you generally find in corporate offices – in violet, pink, blue are my favorite. But I’ve not had much success with them. The ones I have are orange hibiscus, pink arali (in Tamil not sure what it is called in English), and the bright red then pu (again in Tamil). The thenpu is bunch of small flowers. You get hybrid variety for hibiscus, arali that grow well in a pot.

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