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Diwali cleaning: a spotless bathroom in less than 30 minutes

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Yesterday, in the first part of this series to make your home spotless just in time for Diwali, we looked at getting a sparkling living room and bedroom. Today, we move into one of the high traffic areas after the kitchen and which just gets messy no water what, if not tended to. What’s the one thing you love about any good hotel? Especially when someone else does the job for you to keep it dry. Yes, you guessed it right – bathrooms! And no matter how clean the rest of the home is, it’s the bathrooms that will make or break it.

Most Indian bathrooms do not have clear segregation of shower area (wet vs dry area) which makes it  tough to keep it dry all through the day. Wetness = magnet for dirt = floor stains in the long run. The trick for minimal maintenance in bathrooms is to keep it moisture free on a daily basis after it has been used in the morning.

Here’s a quick rundown of the things that will make your bathroom spotlessly clean just like the rest of your home.

Top it with bathroom fresheners and what you have is a enviable bathroom.



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  1. Emma Clemantine

    Nice idea Laksh !!! This will be very helpful in today's busy schedule. For housewife's is is too much complicated thing to clean up their bathroom and your thinking is just amazing.

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