Friday shopping: Sweet little somethings under Rs. 500

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Good morning, folks! I hope you are happy Friday is here; I am. This has been one of the longest and mentally exhausting weeks I’ve had in recent times. But, I feel blessed for all the good things in life – family, family and friends to begin with.  And because we could all do with more optimism and positivity in our lives, I’m going to dive straight into what I do best – bring you colorful images to brighten up your day.

It is Friday and I didn’t have a shopping list ready for you this morning. While I was on one of the sites, this little box popped up in a corner. The name was intriguing (Lime Road) and the curiosity got the better of me. I was pleasantly surprised to see the home collection. Like I wrote to someone in a mail yesterday, shopping is more of a chore these days than a pleasure.  With so many choices and most of them mediocre, shopping is not a therapy any more; it feels like another thing you want to cross off the list. The more recent instance being during Diwali; gone are the days when you would have the excitement to go and get a new dress for Diwali. With zillion shops in town and all sporting the same kind of goods, that individuality and sense of liking something the moment you see it is simply not there any more.

So, once in a while, when a piece of clothing appeals to your eyes the minute you see it,  it’s like a fresh lease of life. Simplicity always rules, at least in my books.

Three of the five products for today’s shopping list comes from Lime Road. (No, it’s not a sponsored post just in case you are wondering). The first picture is just a teaser of what’s available in the store.

And here you go, for today’s picks.

I’ve been on the lookout for a sturdy wall hook to hang two guitars but couldn’t find one anywhere. I’m not sure if the second one will be able to take the weight but being a metal hook, I hope it does. The kantha cushion cover reminded me of balconies in Swedish apartments.

I could do with a book of fresh ideas to clear up my mind now :)

The last pick is an interesting Raja Mantri game from the People’s Project.  I would suggest you check their other games as well.

1. Pink votive candle  for Rs.249

2. Madhubani Wall Hook for Rs.500

3. Kantha cushion cover for Rs.499

4. A book of fresh ideas from Doodle Happy for Rs. 300

5. Raja Mantri from The People’s Project for Rs.250

These are some patchwork quilts and kantha bedspreads that caught my eye over at Lime Road. Because they are over the Rs.500 price mark, they didn’t make it to the shopping list.


Have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll see you next week.

Image courtesy:

1,3,4 – Lime Road

Shopping picks – linked to the respective sites



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  2. laksh

    Hi Ruchika: thanks. I’m sorry if I’ve missed responding to your earlier comments.

  3. Hi! this is my 1st visit to ur blog n have thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to see more……

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