Continuing with the theme of plants, I present some more flickr finds today.

These stainless steel planters look stylish, modern, and most importantly are resistant to varying weather conditions.

Stainless Steel Planters
Stainless Steel Planters

Though they are more ideal for a commercial setting, a miniature version of these as outdoor planters has the potential to add to the glam quotient of a house.

If you are thinking of recycling your stainless utensils, then wait a minute! Most stainless steel planters such as these are treated with a special layer inside made of fiber or plastic to make them acid-resistant. In Indian weather conditions, planting in stainless utensils can be harmful to the plants as steel tends to get warm too soon.

I would like to experiment with a small old balti indoors (preferably in the balcony) in a corner that doesn’t get too hot. The balti would need a small hole to drain excess water. And maybe a little acrylic work on the outside would make it a stylish planter.

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Flickr : Badec Bros Deco


  1. Steel can be made to look so classy!
    I love the window boxes! They look so picturesque. It’s so tempting to go buy a house just so as to be able to decorate it the way I want to! :) Of course, you are gonna be there as my designer – so no worries on that front! :)

  2. Ravuri Balaji

    Hi, I am looking for Stainless steel Flower Pots. May i Know how many varieties you have and price of each item?

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