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Now, let’s get down to business and salivate over the pictures together. Shall we? I went to the Kala Madhyam fair on a working day braving the maddening traffic and enduring an accident(thank God, no one got hurt).  Kala Madhyam has a charm of its own every time it comes to town in the form of a fair at Chitra kala parishat – twice a year. But, as I mentioned on Facebook, this time there were too many of the same kind of stalls which was an overkill. Like half a dozen patchwork/kantha quilt shops (not complaining), over a dozen kurta/kurti shops (overkill), and other half a dozen tussar silk stalls.  The exclusivity was lost in thin air.



Last year, the kurtas I bought were exceptional with great cuts and good fabric,  and I went in with anticipation to find the same lady. On not finding her, I called her and she said with disappointment there were way too many of them and not all customers look at cuts before buying a piece; in short, the people who worked for her had got into the business and it didn’t make economic sense to be there against way too much competition.

I saw many of the stalls from Hastakalaa too. Is Bangalore having too many of these exhibitions ? I’m not sure if there is a sustained footfall and if it is profitable for the stall owners to show up at so many of them?

The pots you see above are steadfast and painted on metal bases making them sturdy.

These patchwork/kantha quilts were the star for me.


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