For the love of chocolates: Mast Brothers in Brooklyn

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What’s the best piece of heaven, I mean chocolate, you’ve ever tasted in life? I know, I know, for some of us chocolate in any form, shape and size is alluring. But still, there has to be one small, square piece that stands distinctly in your memory. For me, for long, it was the Lindt milk chocolate. I was about 14 or 15 when I first tasted it when my dad got one bar from somewhere in the Middle East. Yes, those were the days, when you couldn’t go to the nearest supermarket and buy a Lindt or Godiva. Years later, in Chicago, I started relishing Ghirardelli.

Last night, I propped up my feet and started channel surfing. When nothing is exciting, Discovery HD doesn’t disappoint you. There was this short snippet on handmade chocolates. For those of you reading this post and living in NYC, Mast Brothers may not sound new. I’m just curious: how does it taste?

Mast Brothers, founded by brothers Rick and Michael in Brooklyn, produces hand made chocolates. The most touching part of the program: “We were not after money. Both of us wanted to create something with our hands.” It’s true like they said, isn’t the whole process of making chocolates so mysterious? ┬áThe brothers wanted to make it transparent from the picking cocoa beans, roasting, grinding, crafting and packaging with hand. Feel blessed to think what wonders two pair of hands can create. They even wrap the foil and package every bar with their hands.

Now, if you’ve ever tasted Mast Brothers tell us how it feels :) ┬áHave a wonderful day.

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