Snakes and Ladders

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Quite an offbeat title for a home decor site, right?  Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, and Trade are some of the most commonly found games in any Indian home; the ones we cousins played played on those long afternoons during the summer vacation.  I doubt if much has changed now. I stumbled upon the snakes and ladders game in three different settings that were visually stimulating while accentuating the decor.

Aarohi Singh, a Bangalore based artist, creates the age-old game on top of a wooden table. She adds a lot of color to it and what I like about it is its accessibility. One doesn’t need to get the board to start playing; it’s right there on a piece of furniture.

Snakes and Ladders on a wooden table
Snakes and Ladders on a wooden table

Next is Keramos’ range of printed tiles. This tile with S&L printed on it measures 16″*16″ making it large enough to play comfortably. Imagine getting this tile fixed in one corner (play area) of your kids’ bedroom. Can it get more easier than that? The company offers an interesting range of printed tiles for other games as well like chess,  ludo, and scrabble.

Snakes and Ladders on a printed tile
Snakes and Ladders on a printed tile

And finally, there’s the traditional handcrafted version of the game. At Rs.750 for a 30*30 cm piece, it is a little pricey.

Handicrafted Snakes and Ladders
Handicrafted Snakes and Ladders

Image Courtesy:

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  1. Lovely art ! I love the idea of doing a Snakes and Ladders tile on the floor, like you said you could just start playing right there.

  2. It’s lovely idea! :) Perhaps an entire room tiled in this pattern would keep restless kids busy for a looooong time! :)

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