Do you look for additional muscle power every time you have to make dosa batter? I mean to take out the grinder from the bottom shelf, or is it perched on your countertop conveniently (great for use but not easy on the eye, right?) ?

As much as we would like to use ammi, kalloral (read: food mill, mortar and pestle), they’ve given way to juicer, food processor, mixer, grinder, microwave,  and hand blender/chopper. These are the appliances I have currently, add anymore you might own like a tandoor, coffee maker and oven, and what you end up with is an overwhelming list.

Since my kitchen was designed over ten years ago, when I had little design sense, the appliances are not stored in the most efficient way. Two overhead cabinet shelves are home to most of these appliances. I was looking for ideas which would require minimal redesign and this was what I came across.

I believe the design below works incredibly well for small appliances like chopper, blender, juicer etc. As they are on telescopic channels, if you have a waterproof board, weight shouldn’t be an issue. With electric wiring already present, you don’t have to take it out of its place every time to use but, of course, you’d need to detach the parts for cleaning. The only drawback is not all appliances can fit in so you’d need at least two pull out drawers.


The second one is more doable. If there’s a small corner of the countertop, it can be used to house the appliances and concealed away with the help of a door, or shutter, when not in use. The drawback is this again won’t work when you have too many of them as it will eat up the counter top space.

Would you like to share pictures of how you store your kitchen appliances and what makes it work for you?

Image courtesy:

Seattle Kitchen appliance storage Photographer – Kathryn Barnard

Traditional kitchen via Houzz


  1. I shifted the microwave today in the utility balcony so now I have some counter space,,,most of my appliances which i don’t use daily are kept on a shelf in the balcony so whenever I need them I just plug them in and use,..

  2. laksh

    Nice. I assume the balcony (utility space?) is accessible from the kitchen and is covered?

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    I am sure you must be having some idea for installing mosquito net in bed room or where to find nails for that which look stylish even when we are not using mosquito net.

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