Friday Shopping: Baking Picks Under Rs.500

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Hello everyone! A week has passed by but I couldn’t let Friday slip by without some wonderful picks for the Friday Shopping series, which is into its fourth month ever since it debuted in October with Sweet Little Somethings under Rs.300. I’m happy that the series has inspired other bloggers to start similar ones.

Anyways, this past week I was in the mood for baking to bring in some much needed sweetness and indulgence into an otherwise not-so-great fortnight. I also found some great online retailers like My Nest Home, Loose Ends Store etc. Oh, if you have a minute, maybe you could drop in at dress your home’s FB page and browse thr the likes for more treasures?

Now, over to this week’s picks.

1. 18 pc chocolate moulds pack for Rs. 250 from My Nest Home

2. Colored fondant dough for Rs.300 from BakerSmart

3. Rose cake with hole for Rs. 495 from Junglee

4. Red and white placemat from Lime Road. Also liked this jug

5. Cars cupcake cit for Rs.249 from Zansaar

Where do you shop for your baking supplies from? And, what’s the last delicacy you baked?  I made half a dozen chocolate cupcakes (healthier version with wheat+oat meal flour) this week.

Alrighty, I’ll say good night on that sweet note. You have a good weekend, and a wonderful day if it’s just Friday morning in your part of the world.

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  1. laksh

    Anytime for you, Sangita :) A day or two more before normalcy gets back to the household :)

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