It’ 11:07 p.m. and I’ve just begun to compose the post;  not used to staying up late (my signal usually starts going down from 9:00 p.m.) But, it’s a Friday and I had to get the Friday Shopping picks post up which I thought would be a breeze considering I’ve been on it since early evening. Yep..trying to learn some Photoshopping tricks consumed a better part of the three hours I’ve worked on this post. Phew…sometimes the output is so straightforward that the no. of hours don’t justify the effort. I’m happy doing it ; guess that’s what matters in the end, doesn’t it?

The theme – Fabrics – was clear in my head ever since I saw the latest Good Home issue. It’s a well crafted, researched and thoughtfully put up issue.  I’d been looking around for some bright fabrics to upholster my big cushion so the issue came as a blessing and surprise.  I’m sure, like me there are many of you out there who are always on the look out for that perfect piece of unstitched cloth, and sometimes, one size fits all. You just have to think differently.

Two years ago, for instance, I had a fabric design in mind (polka dot to be precise) but was unable to find it in most furnishing showrooms. Then, while strolling down the road one day, I happened to see what I had in mind as a curtain. That was it – bought the ready made pair and got them stitched as cushion covers.

1. Handprinted unstitched fabric by Dastkar Andhra – 2 meters for Rs. 465

2. Dots and Weaves unstitched fabric from Bindass Unlimited for Rs. 389 (2 meters)

3. Circles by Bindaas Unlimited for Rs. 389

4. Premium collection from J&Y Fabric (price unknown)

5. Khoj table cover from Fabindia for Rs. 333

It’s 11:17 p.m. now; good night folks. I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m still looking for more design thoughts for Namratha’s study. So, can you please take a minute, and leave a link to a study room you’ve liked and bookmarked?

Hope you have a wonderful and happy weekend.

Images: iTokri and respective sites

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