How’s the mid-week holiday treating you? A blessing for the kids, I’m sure:)

OK before I begin, thank you so much to each one of you who went to great lengths to explain your design concept; for participating;  for harboring the courage to let others know how you would do it. I’ve never been this thrilled for a post before. Every comment offered an insight; laced with a practical thought.

Now, it’s time to clarify the title. Whether or not, Namratha actually goes with one of the designs (which would be tough for anyone, to be fair), I’m sure all of your inputs have helped her think of the space in a different perspective. As I see it, if I were to actually design the room, and execute it, aspects I’d have never considered before would strike me like a rug, or a unit running across the walls. Thanks to your suggestions, of course.

So, this is what I did – created a Pinterest board called Work Space. Study Ideas. All your suggestions are pinned there in addition to a few more I liked. In this post, I’m collating a few of the designs (not favorites, just randomly picked) with the pluses and minuses highlighted.

Thanks Namratha for opening the doors to your study and let us toss ideas on how we would dress it up.

Image courtesy:

1.Young House Love

2. AT

3. Colorful study

4. Pinterest

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