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Interior Design: The Orange Lane

My son remarked this afternoon, “mamma, how does Google know all the answers?”  I replied, “yes, it does, provided you ask the right questions.” The past decade or so has made us believe that we can have all the answers in a click from supernova explosions to a drug prescribed by a hematologist to what’s so fascinating about a beluga whale; it has given us the confidence to experiment, get our hands dirty from carpentry to coding.

But, I believe certain things in life are best left to experts. Because their expertise in the field takes your breath away, even if only for a moment, it’s worth it. So, as much as I advocate DIY, I’m also an ardent fan of the professionals who know their work best. Here, we are talking of interior designers.

The Orange Lane is one such firm in Mumbai run by Shabnam Gupta. Her portfolio is incredibly impressive/creative in execution from the commercial ones to vast houses to studio apartments and bachelor pads.

Minus words, plus pictures – to take your breath away.


Bright colors, earthen tones, colored glasses, large artwork and stark one colored wall characterize her design. It’s been a delight to browse through Shabnam’s exemplary work. Now, I really want to drop by at her store Peacock Life in Mumbai.

I was clearly bowled over by the freshness. How about you?

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The Orange Lane



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