What would you need to set up a balcony garden from scratch? That’s the thought that crossed my mind as I was looking for some affordable railing planters before deciding on making my own. Iron brackets are so hard to come by, and even if they are available online, they are usually priced ridiculously high. Working on this theme, this week’s post centers around setting up your balcony garden replete with essentials such as planter, potting medium, seedling tray and of course, seeds.

The only outlier is the deck chair in terms of price. I’m fond of easy chair, but you could replace it with a cheaper alternative like a couple of cane modas ¬†with comfy cushions for seating.

Friday Shopping: 6 picks to set up your balcony garden (mostly under Rs.1000)

1. Colorful hanging terracotta pots for Rs.650

2. Walnut finish deck chair and foot stool from Urban Ladder for Rs.5499

3. Wheelbarrow planter for Rs.295 from Zansaar

4. Seedling tray from gardenguru for Rs.32

5. Bucket hanging planter from Green Essence for Rs.520

6. Jalapeno and Lettuce seeds for Rs.50/70 from Garden Guru

Have a great weekend and I’lll see you Monday.

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