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Got a rack full of old magazines some as old as 5 years? A Feb ’05 Femina issue with useful kitchen tips or a Woman’s Era magazine from 2006 that carried some mouth-watering recipes for the festive season or some cool tips on how to get dressed for a party after work in a jiffy? Yes?  Then you’ve got company…I have saved tons of magazines just because one feature was good, or it had an odd tip on Page 53 on how to keep your coffee decoction fresh (I have this annoying habit of folding pages that I’d like to read again). These magazines lie untouched for years but I don’t feel like giving them away.

After all, there might be a way to put these to good use without letting them occupy useful rack space.

Use it as a stand to keep a vase on the top. Doesn’t it make for a colorful base.

Old magazines stacked to make a colorful stand
Old magazines stacked to make a colorful stand

There have been times when I have spent an afternoon as part of the scheduled de-cluttering activity to take a second look at the stack;  some have been discarded as it is and pages torn from others to be neatly filed.  This article in Apartment Therapy on recycling magazines is a great inspiration. After all those colorful glossy pages need not be dumped anymore..transform them into coasters, boxes, and place-mats.

Recycling Old Magazines into Boxes and Coasters
Recycling Old Magazines into Boxes and Coasters

1. Stand – Elle Decor

2. As a placemat, coaster or storage boxes –  Apartment Therapy

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