AT Bedroom Contest : what are your favorites?

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If you are reading this blog, then I bet Apartment Therapy found a place in your reader/list years before dress your home. It’s like an encyclopedia for me; whenever I have a doubt I check in here before Googling, and it works. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that I can’t keep up with their posts.

Every year AT runs this nice contest on a particular theme like small cool kitchens, small cool rooms, room for colors,  nurseries etc. The current one is “Bedroom retreat”. With over dozens of entries pouring in everyday, it’s a treasure mine of ideas to peek into others’ homes, draw inspiration and extend that to something else in your space.

I’m looking at My Bedroom Retreat and can’t help notice the umber of bedrooms with grey colored walls. It’s commendable to have people share the most intimate part of their homes. All of them are unique in their own way, but nothing so far that is instantly/creatively breathtaking which makes you want to go back again and again. Trying not to let the bedsheets/other furnishing bias my choices, I’ve drawn my picks.

The blackboard on the chest of drawers got me!

I feel the paneling behind the bed and the clever interplay of white and blue is brilliant.

I know I said the furnishings wouldn’t influence my choice. But you can’t blame me for not resisting those floral curtains. Brings in a whiff of fresh air.

If you were to vote, which one would you pick?

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Libby’s bedroom

Lindsey’s bedroom

Maria’s bedroom


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