Tigerlily – isn’t the name intriguing? Tigerlily has given an identity to numerous songs, books and comic characters over the years. But, for a furniture and furnishing brand called Tigerlily by Aparna? Curiosity got the better of me, and am I pleasantly surprised with the offering and the presentation on the website?

Tigerlily, the brain work of designer Aparna, is a comprehensive collection including furniture, furnishings, and a range of lifestyle products. In her words, “the concept is ‘ whimsical, unique, luxury’ design.” It teases your imagination, prods you to think what it is, and makes you question the logic behind the name; above all, it’s not subtle in any way – be it the color, or the design. Quirky would be an understatement!

It’s for the brave-hearted, the ones who take pride in their possessions and are game for endless hours of conversations  with equally passionate decor enthusiasts.

The chair to the right is called the Towering Temple chair while the one to the left is called the Bangle Box chair.

Love this room! This is where subtle tones go out of the window. Say hello to bright reds, oranges and purples!

I hope that was a colorful post. Happy Holi everyone!

Image courtesy:

Tigerlily by Aparna (the site is defunct, hence removing the link – updated on 23rd Jan 2017)

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