Good Morning! How are you all doing? I’m excited because the summer vacation starts officially from tomorrow, which, in turn, means a break from the morning rush and sticking to the clock. This week, I have put together an exciting range of products that we use in our everyday life from planters to masalas and makeup stuff;  the common string tying them together is that they are eco-friendly/organic.

1. Jute planter bag for Rs.100 from Green Home

2. HDPE Planter bag for Rs.120 from Green Home

3. Recycled book in various colors for Rs.125 from Eco Corner

4. Natural tea masala for Rs.100 from Eco Corner

5. Organic kajal for Rs. 295 from Green n Good

Disclaimer: I have not shopped at any of these sites, so cannot vouch for the product quality, service and delivery.

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