Studio Tour: Lively Wood

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Hello everyone! How have you all been doing? Now that the summer vacation is over and kids are back to school, the grind has begun but it’s vacation time for me! After a two-month hiatus, the blog and I get a fresh lease of life.

Today’s post on Sonia Sumant, the brain behind Lively Wood, was scheduled for the first week of April but I never got around to it.  I’m torn between what to highlight – the interior designer, the studio owner, furniture designer, her home or the blogger in her.   Multi-faceted would be an understatement, right? So it’s going to be a bit of everything and I’ll let you decide what suits your taste best.

Sonia blogs at Lively Wood and lives in Pune. She started her studio sometime in April 2012, she thinks :)  She makes unique designer furniture on which she paints. It could be bars, mirrors, coffee tables, wine cellar, etc. She runs the studio out of her husband’s factory, and retails from Bliss in Mumbai & Pune.


Interior design is another part of her work along with product designing. She takes up projects in and around Pune only. So, all you Pune residents who have written to me asking for interior designers, you know where to go! This is one of my favorites where she has created a flexible dining table for a client that can seat from 3-10 people and be stowed away when not in use.

Below is the picture of a painted green shelf at her home. My eyes are tired of seeing MDF and chestnut brown wooden furniture. This one is classy..

I found the stories behind her mirror creations equally fascinating.

If you didn’t get to this part of the post, then I’m very glad. If you did, then I’m a tad disappointed because the post didn’t justice to her work, so hop over to the links below.


Links you must visit:

Designer Furniture

Interior Design portfolio

Image courtesy:

Sonia @ Lively Wood.



  1. Hi Lakshmi….thank you so much for the wonderful post. You have brought out so many facets of my work. :)

  2. Lakshmi, you forgot the traveler when you mentioned multifaceted. She has been to such exotic places. Makes me so jealous!!! :)

  3. laksh

    Got to agree with you on that one, Gunjan :)

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