Good Morning! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you happen to flip through the pages of GoodHomes’ March edition? The Real Home section featured Ramya, Anand and their son Aditya’s 1450 sq.ft Mumbai apartment. All that had to be said has been brilliantly captured by Pia Sinha. I’ll let these two pictures decide whether you should grab a copy or not.

Home Tour: Ramya and Anand’s apartment in GoodHomes

A traditional apartment decorated with furniture from Fabindia

If you liked this home, I bet you will like the Jains’ 1,800 sq. ft upcycled home as well. It was featured in Good Homes.

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BBC Good Homes India March ’13 Edition


  1. Tina malkani gholap


    How does one get to your list of published homes? :) as in if I know of a home worth do we go about it ? :)

  2. Vandana Venkat

    Hi Laksh,

    Love your blog and your analysis. You’re a great inspiration to me!!!….I redesigned my entire home using just your blog posts…..Keep going :)

  3. Tina malkani gholap

    Yes…at good homes :) …sorry for the late reply!! :)

  4. The jharokha is from Color popsicle? Is that a furniture brand? Couldn't find anything online. :( It is awesome!

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