Good morning! I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that a bed & breakfast will have some of the most valuable lessons in design and decorating! And, that’s exactly what I discovered on seeing the pictures of Amarya Haveli in Delhi.

It’s the clever choice of color, simple fabrics, alternating colors for walls and ideal positioning of period furniture that does the trick. What I liked best about their portfolio was some of the ideas are quite simple to adapt at our homes on a shoestring budget. For instance, this orange wall as a backdrop with hand painted figurines.

Tell me what is so out of the ordinary in this room that you can’t accomplish. But, then there lies the brilliance to make something look outstanding out of something ordinary. So, hats off to that! The rooms are named Jaipur room, Bodhgaya room , Cochin room, Gujarat room and so on to reflect the design elements.

Love the pink and the mirror above it. Would love to have a room a like this but don’t know if the boys in the house would tease me :)

Floored by the wall art all over. ¬†That’s not all. If simplicity defined Amarya Haveli, exuberance defines Amarya villa in its choice of fabrics, furniture and wall covering.

I would love to stay at this place on a trip to Delhi. How about you folks? Go on, enjoy the rest of their portfolio.

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Amarya Haveli

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