Yay! The weekend is here and for a change, the sun is shining bright over Bangalore as of this minute. But it can change, you know :) So, I’m going to step out and make the most of this evening but before I do, here’s this week’s edition of Friday Shopping with some knick-knack picks.


1. Nic-nacker for Rs.500 from Forty Red Bangles

2. Chettinad potli basket for Rs.450 from Craftsvilla

3. Hand painted wine bottle for Rs. 450 by Scribbles on Craftsvilla (the kettles are great too)

4. Wooden wall shelf from PepperFry for Rs. 599

5. Wall cloth dryer for Rs.525 from PepperFry

I’ll see you next week. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Have you actually ordered from Pepperfry? I ordered some furniture from them and received my order 2 months later and it was really badly made stuff as wel..

  2. laksh

    Hi Rosa: Good that you have shared your bad experience. Thanks. As I’ve mentioned before, my picks are not based on personal experiences but purely from a price and utility point of view. I’ve not bought any of these picks and not associated with any of the e-retail sites.

    Your experience may caution others or at least to be aware before they shop.

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