Three Ways to Style a Door

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Who says your interior doors have to be neutral in color? Tired of the white/ivory color doors? Bright colors need not be restricted to walls, curtains or furniture. Go bold with these three ideas and style your door differently…

Bright paint can make so much of a difference…

Colorful Door
Colorful Door

This is a mosaic pattern on a wall created from scrapbook paper. But the effect can be reproduced on a door as well. Sticker papers are available in stationary shops and in Staples. In Staples, a bunch of 10 squares in assorted colors comes at Rs. 75.  You would need about 20 to create such an effect on a door. I suggest creating the pattern at the center of the door to make it more attractive.

Mosaic Door

This is my personal favorite. There are no limitations to this one. Use a stencil and oil-based paint to create just about any pattern on the door. A stencil will make it easier to achieve the desired effect. I will post next week on how to stencil a pattern onto a door. Ready-made stencils are again available in art shops and Staples.

Stenciled Door
Stenciled Door

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