Given the title, a disclaimer is in order: this is neither a sponsored post, nor do I get additional discounts on their products. With that out of the door, let me tell you why I love Urban Ladder.

1. Focus on furniture : I’m not faced with the paradox of choice (though slowly but surely, UL is getting there).  The focus only on furniture helps a customer who is out shopping only for furniture, and is not distracted by planters and mugs. Who would have thought shopping for a Rs.750 sandals can be a week long affair? This discount, that coupon code, additional discount code and 379 results ….phew! I just want a goddamn sandal!

2. Site design: Considering UL is an online retailer, simplicity of navigation, site layout is of paramount importance. And, they score high on that aspect. The page is not overwhelming, and so much easy even for my mom to shop.  They don’t have a zillion products cluttered on the page ranging from cushion covers to ramekins that you’d find with any other big online retailer. A perfect score for their site design. Sometimes, maybe everything under one roof isn’t what a customer is looking for if you are not offering the best at bet prices for everything.

3. Customer service: Anyone who has shopped with Urban Ladder will vouch for their exemplary customer service.

4. Simplistic designs: UL’s products score on account of minimalist design, atleast for me. I’m not a big fan of antique furniture with ornate designs.

UL has fun contests often that gives us a peek of how people have used their furniture in their homes. The following images are a great example of that from their 5kfor5 contest.

UL is turning one the day after, and if you’ve already shopped before, you get a 25% discount. I’m eyeing a coffee table. I gave away the center table you see in the picture below.

This is the Poe table I had initially picked.

Do you shop for furniture online? What’s on your checklist like how do you know if it will be a good fit for the space? Have you picked any from Urban Ladder? Please leave a comment if you have.

Image courtesy:

1. Sunitha’s kitchen via Urban Ladder’s 5kfor5 contest

2. Rashmi’s living room via Urban Ladder’s 5kfor5 contest

3,4 – images from my home


  1. bought a siesta side table… wondering whether to buy the athena or venus wall mirror.. wondering whether its worth it because its not unique product..what do you say?

  2. laksh

    Hi Sandhya: Welcome here. Thank you for your kind words. Jhenga..that’s a nice pick. Btw, have you played the game? It’s fun too. I would love to see the picture of the Jhenga stool at your place and I’m sure the other readers of “dress your home” as well. So please post a picture and link it :) Thanks.

  3. Yes I am a big fan of UL too. Haven’t bought anything cos they just started delivering to Pune. Have you checked out their coat rack? Cannot wait to have one at home…

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