Kitchen Tour: Archana’s Kitchen – 2

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You all had a good weekend? Ok, today we peek further into Archana’s Kitchen in continuation of last week’s post. ¬†We are going anti-clockwise staring from the fridge and ending back at the oven/baking counter. The cabinet below is next to the tall storage one we saw last week.

Beneath that are rows of shelves for storing pots and pans. No non-stick cookware again. As green as it gets. I was curious with the amount of cooking she does, how does she manage to take out the pots every time. She says, it is great form of exercise – sit down, take it out and get up. I’d have to agree!

A simple vertical pullout for the assorted spices. With the numerous cuisines that has made its way into the once-humble Indian kitchens, you need to have space for everything from Quinoa to cous-cous.

A long stream of cabinets that runs beneath the gas countertop houses ladles, plates, spoons, chopping board and everything you’d need within a step’s reach.

Finally, we have the utility with a non-intrusive sink and all the machines (you can think of ) sitting pretty. Adjoining the utility on the left – concealed from this view – is a large Kaff oven to churn out those delicious cookies.

So, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have a great kitchen to share, please leave a comment, or e-mail me to get featured.


Taken by me at Archana’s kitchen


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  1. Lovely Fully equipped kitchen. Wow. A must for everyone who loves to cook.

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