1. Who needs a 500 sq.ft kitchen when you can be comfortable and cosy in a 90 sq.ft one? Interior designer Justrich’s 90-sq. ft kitchen in Houzz

2. Project Bly on An Indian Summer

 3. A kitchen renovation on a budget – Better Homes and Gardens. I loved the countertop for some reason and the raised backsplash – very handy to keep stuff soaked overnight, and a planter perhaps.

4. Thanks to Holly of decor8 for Nicest Things. Some of the nicest blogs with the prettiest pictures are written in German.

5. Huh, you get this far? I thought you would be out of here after the link to Nicest Things. Anyways, while you’re at it,  don’t forget to enjoy the pleasant colors in the Balcony makeover post on Nicest Things.

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