DIY: How to make a rope hanging planter

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Today I have a super easy DIY post for you. Remember in the rope shelves post, I promised to show you how to make a hanging planter with rope. Ready?

I had been scouting for good  balcony railing planters to hold the rectangular planters but yet to find one that doesn’t cost a fortune. I am not too fond of the custom made welded ones.  So until then here is a stop gap solution to save floor space and give the plants extra sunlight.

Things you’ll need:

  • a plastic rectangular planter of any size
  • screw driver
  • two ropes of equal length
  • two S hooks – the kind you use in the kitchen. You’ll get it in any hardware shop for Rs.20-25 a piece
  • soil/potting medium like cocopeat
  • newspaper


1. Spread a newspaper on the floor and if you have soil in the planter, empty the contents.

2. If you are not comfortable using a drilling machine, here’s a easy way to make holes into the planter. Heat a screw driver in the gas for about 5-10 minutes. (don’t touch to see if it’s hot enough :) ). With the hot screw driver, make four holes, one in each corner of the planter. It should take minimum effort. If it doesn’t go through easily, the metal is not hot enough.

3. Make knots in the rope thr the holes in the planter to secure.  Measure the length you would need. Closer to the hook, the more stable the pot would be. Fill the potting medium.

4. Place the S hooks on your balcony railing and hang the planter. are done!




  1. Nice one Laksh. But won't the rope eventually give way after staying in moist mud for too long? Maybe use a plastic rope but that won't look half as great. :)

  2. laksh

    Yes Gunjan, you are right. The rope will eventually wear out. For the other one I used a coir one – it's quite strong and looks great as well.

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