Farmer’s Market at The Yoga House

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It was 10:50  a.m. Sunday morning. The phone made a faint noise; a very unfamiliar one to me.  It turned out to be a event alert. You see I don’t usually mark my calendar for any meeting, let alone a trip to the Farmer’s Market. But I must have anticipated the exhaustion.

We returned from Ahmedabad past midnight on Saturday; as expected it was one long, wet exhausting trip. The name “The Yoga House” was intriguing and damn those tempting FB pictures. They lure you to places.

So I dragged my tired self to indulge (visually) on organic produce.

My favorite stall – They retail online. I bought the peanut butter.


Yes, this is a teaser. For the entire photostream, go to dress your home’s Facebook page.


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