Hello everyone! Happy Eid. How are you all doing? Is it a long weekend for you? Schools and many offices in Bangalore closed today. Next week again will be long weekend starting Thursday for Independence day. It will also mark the end of sale season and brisk shopping as the festive season kick starts.

I had a lot of fun putting together this week’s picks from FabFurnish. Never realised they had so much to offer in the home decor section. Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.

1. Zebra pattern cushion for Rs.253 from Swayam

2. Colorful 1 litre bottle for Rs. 385

3. A classy glass jar for Rs.125 from Bormioli Rocco

4. Cottage sugar pot and creamer for Rs.405

5. Small grey bowl for Rs.350

Have a great weekend. Do check back on Sunday when I put together some of my favorite reads from this week.

On a closing note, I would like to know if you enjoy this Friday Shopping series. What would you like to see here? I was thinking if the response is lukewarm, I would perhaps make it a fortnightly or even a monthly one. Let me know :)


  1. Your Friday series is very good. I regularly check every friday. Its informative, good to know abt online stores on decorative and furnishings. After reading you series I have bought few items you recommended :)
    If you could include some information on upcoming exhibitions in Bangalore, organic shopping etc will be very good.

  2. laksh

    Thanks for your feedback, Dhanya. Much appreciated. I've been thinking too ..I'll keep you all informed about the exhibitions here and on FB page.

  3. I love those colourful bottles and was in fact looking for some place to buy them. Thanks for sharing and keep these coming :)

  4. laksh

    Glad you found what you were looking for coincidentally, Simran :) Those colorful bottles are my favorite too. I've been wanting to learn how to color bottles forever.

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