Weekend reads: Links I LOVED

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1. You would love the airiness of this room and the lucky bamboo taking the center stage.

2. One of my favorite design bloggers, Holly of decor8 shared her biggest news yet.

3. Priya of Once upon a tea time is on my mind as I read this post on kilims in kitchen. Her love for kantha and kilims is no secret.

4. Because I love colors in every corner of the home.

5. Tomato tart with corn and zucchini.  My son once used to love tomatoes and now he hates it. He tells me to make peppers and tomatoes in an interesting way so thy taste good. I am not sure what that means.


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  1. Loved loved loved the kilim!! I have a hand made rug that my mom passed on to me. Am sure that is going to find a place in the new house. In the kitchen or not that remains to be seen :)

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