Good morning! Are you charged up after a relaxing, holidaying weekend? I sure am.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw this home flipping thr the pages of Apr-May ’13 issue of Elle Decor.

You know how we always have a certain image of the home we would like to live in. I’m not referring to the the 1500 sq.ft odd cubes we live in the city. My dream is to have a independent house with a small garden in the front, a picket fence, and a vegetable garden in the back, a open terrace, thatched roofs, red oxide flooring, and a courtyard in the center. Oh yes, somewhere closer to the sea too. And I would have probably loved to have it while the kid is young and so are we. dreams…..anyways, I took solace in seeing this home in Goa.

Isn’t it like you are walking into a handicraft exhibition with chosen artifacts from all over the country?

Image courtesy:

Elle Decor – May ’13

Photography by Mel Yates


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