Garden Tour: Madhu’s Colorful Terrace Garden

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There are two things that make me immensely happy in the home : colorful and healthy plants, and of course, a loving family. I’m happy today on seeing some lovely pictures and it’s only fair that you be a part of this too :) Is there any such thing as too many plants or too much color!

I guess not, that’s what Madhu believes in. Madhu is a landscape designer and takes up projects for terrace gardening, houses, hotels, resorts, corporate offices etc.

Let’s go on a tour of her terrace and balcony garden:

Garden Tour: Madhu’s colorful terrace garden


Colorful balcony garden idea

Colorful balcony garden idea

Colorful balcony garden idea

Madhu’s tips to care for plants

  1. Plants need love. Show love towards your plants and care for them intensively, especially during extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, scorching sun, heavy wind.
  2. Choose the right plant for right location, for instance if we try to have a rose plant on shaded balcony even our love will harm the plant. It needs direct sun. Similarly ferns can grow only in wet/damp shaded places only.
  3. Manuring, de-weeding as well pesticide (organic / chemical)  needs to be done regularly.  Rule of thumb is spend about 3 to 4 hrs in a week for 250 sq-ft garden will suffice the healthy growing of our plants.
  4. We also suggest to utilize all the kitchen waste to prepare vermicompost (manure) so that we  reduce the burden on Civic Agencies in garbage and waste handling. Also this helps to get very rich – mineral high manure almost free of cost.  We need a dry place where our kitchen and garden waste can be turned to vermicompost. We use potting mix as red soil,sand and Vermicompost(Kitchen waste) in equal amounts.

If you are not sure how to get started, you may want to check out this vendor who installs terrace and balcony gardens in the city.  Some sample of their balcony garden work here.

If you are confident of starting on your own, you can start by procuring your materials either online or by visiting a local nursery. I’ve created a comprehensive list to start a balcony or terrace garden.

IC: Madhu



  1. Poornima

    Lovely to see your terrace. I’m interested in making compost. At present I have a large garden and all my kitchen waste goes into a large plastic compost bin. Can I reproduce this in a balcony, what about flies, smells and pests. Thanks for all your ideas

  2. laksh

    Yes, you can reproduce it in a balcony. You can add turmeric to keep flies and pests at bay. With frequent stirring, letting out the leachate, you should be able to manage. You can look at readymade composters that work well for a balcony. There are many such as ecobin, smartbin, daily dump khamba.

  3. Hi, I felt very happy by seeing terrace garden. Can you keep suggest some tips for growing big roses in my garden .And wt type of fertilizer SHLD I prefer.

  4. laksh

    Most flowering plants include roses require a lot of sunlight. You get standard rose mix in shops that you can follow the directions and apply.

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