Good evening folks! Regular readers of Friday Shopping, you probably thought there was not going to be a post today, didn’t you! Well, you were almost right! I’ve just settled on the couch after a long day; dinner is done. But I owe it to you guys, so here I am with the picks I had in mind.

It’s a li’l too early to think of lights and candles, isn’t it? Diwali is a good two months away. But what the heck..I just saw a sign board that read, ‘”Do more of what makes you happy”.  So candles are going to rule this week and you are most welcome to join the party!

Today’s post is also a departure from what you see featured in this series. We are crossing geographies to include some goodies from international sites. Many, many years ago, while living in Chicago downtown, a new outlet of H&M opened at the end of the street where I lived – opposite the John Hancock tower. There was something about the store a friend from work and I liked that we would drop by often. It’s been a really long time since we’ve met but we fondly recall those  memories …

Now if you have a dozen design blogs on Feedly, I bet you have got your fair dose of H&M home range ever since they launched a few weeks ago. Since it’s H&M we are talking about, you can put up with a little more of goodness here, right?

1. Wall candle holder on FabFurnish for Rs.999

2. Copper candle holder for $ 7.95 ( via Design * Sponge)

3. Cutwork lamps – t light holders from The Purple Turtles

4. Shoji paper lamps from The Purple Turtles

5. 2 pack candles from H&M home for $3.95

On another note, The Bungalow 8 sale caught my eye. I’ll sign off now and settle comfortably on the couch again for some vigorous session of channel surfing :) You all have a good night!






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