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There are weeks when the inbox is inundated with promotional mails of stores, products, online retail sites. Our attention span is  short; most of the content buried in the mails don’t have the power to make you stop what you are doing, sit up and take notice. And then once in a while comes along a store profile,  or a min blowing creation that makes you wonder how gifted these people are. How does it feel to be so creative! What goes on in their minds.

Furnicheer made me sit up and take notice. It’s been a while it’s sitting pretty in my inbox while I  was searching for the right words to accompany the pictures. I concede defeat as the pictures will find a way and explain themselves.

Furnicheer, a clever word play, is a furniture store run by Ms. Subhangi Vadyanathan and is based in Navi Mumbai. I love the way the pieces are illustrated with so much care and warmth.

Furnicheer presents an exclusive range of vibrant furniture draped in gorgeous silk upholstery and infused with striking Indian art. The modular designs and wood staining on the products make them unique. 


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