Flowers & Origami

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There are two things on his mind all day: origami and games. Well, add Charlie Brown of Peanuts, and make it three. Good grief! There was a time — not so long ago, like two months ago —  when every nook and cranny in the house had bits and pieces of paper and out popped an airplane of all shapes and sizes from the couch, dining table. You get the idea! And it was about the same time I was hooked onto Prison Break and Scofield’s mini creations. Turns out the famous swan takes only 39 steps. Intimidating but I’m up for the challenge with my son.


That’s the thing with kids – how easily new things fascinate their imagination. I think it’s a blessing; somewhere down the line we lose that spark. Don’t we? That’s why I am amazed to see grownups   with a creative edge. Now who would have thought that origami can actually bring in a whiff of fresh air into a home. Meet designer Lisa Marie Andersson, the creative genius behind the clothing label Up the Wooden HillsMore than her fabric line, it is the origami creations that’s captivating for me. Simple to look, complex in creating, crisp, sharp lines in soothing colors.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m totally in love with this orange pompoms.


There is one other thing endearing about Lisa’s blog – flowers.

View her entire collection called Collected Paper Trails here.

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1 – mine

Rest – Up the Wooden Hills






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