Color Burst: The Mansion

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Today, I share with you another great find – The Mansion. The Mansion is a Delhi-based home linen and accessories store founded in 2009. In their words, ” it started by challenging conventional practices and by fusing global attributes into the Indian traditional craftsmanship to come up with a unique and heartfelt sensibility which reflects contemporary India.” The sensibility is evident in their collections – be it the harmony of colors in the Kathahakali collection or the vibrant use of colors and patterns in Madhubani-inspired ones.

Kathakali Madhubani cushions

Can you believe that 18 m of fabric has been joined together and pleated to form the elaborate Kathakali bedspread?

Home linen

I can’t pick a favorite here though I think I’m leaning towards the Madhubani one. No, wait..perhaps the Kathakali one. aah..I give up. How about you guys? What do you like?

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The Mansion


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