The New Look

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“dress your home” has adorned a new dress today. It’s just a year late; yes, I’ve been procrastinating a responsive theme for months in quest for finding the perfect one. It’s the paradox of choice. Back in 2003, when I started blogging, things were so simple.  You just went with one of the dozen odd default ones – changed the header, and launched the blog.

With so many choices, not one fit the bill until I decided on a whim to settle on this one, a few days back. I couldn’t have been more happier. Wonder why it took me so long to rediscover the pleasures of coding and customizing.  A few late nights to work on the look and interrupting the husband for his opinion like every 5 mins, I think we’re finally ready!

I decided to keep the layout and features intact while removing some of the frills.; it’s the backbone that has undergone a BIG change.  One newly added feature is the “events” section on the sidebar. Since I get a lot of requests to announce an event, I felt it would be simpler having it on the sidebar than a post every week.

What do you think of the change? Is there something you would like to see here for easy accessibility? Anything that should be removed because it’s redundant? You all are my ultimate judges and your opinion is of immense value to me. So, go ahead and tell me.



  1. Hi Lakshmi,

    New Look for your blog is very nice and simple and clean lined. Love it.

    Warm Regards,


  2. laksh

    Thanks so much, Kalpana. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Loved the new look lakshmi..It would be great if u can pu the events tab on the top rather than below the popular posts

  4. Please enable the full feed option in rss feed, if possible. I love google reader , and now feedly so mostly end up skipping the partial feed blogs.

  5. Super cool.
    What i like most is – the theme is 'Responsive'.
    Hoping for more blogposts as the festivals are nearing.

  6. Look is very cool and soothing :) and the best part is the event section !!

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