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For all you home makeover connoisseurs who ogle at before-after pictures endlessly (like me!), the name Shivani Dogra should flash the famous pictures of her Delhi pad in your mind. Even if her name doesn’t ring a bell, this picture should!

Shivani Dogra Interiors and Styling

Ever since I read about her little renovation project on a budget in BBC GoodHomes, I’ve associated her style with simplicity, uniqueness, use of natural fabric, and the right dose of color. Shivani talks about her design mantra, where she finds her great finds, what projects she undertakes and more. Read on..

It’s been three years since she transitioned into the world of interiors after moving from Mumbai to Delhi. It’s a delight to take a glimpse at some of her new projects.  Indian interiors are often associated with a liberal use of color so much so that at times it gets monotonous. So, this black and white space feels downright fresh to me.

black and white interiors


How to design your home on a budget from local market finds

Her design mantra: Choose fabrics that match in texture and color tones. For instance, if you’re going natural then see to it that all the pieces look hand done or have rougher edges even if they’re mill made. If you have a piece of fabric that has a lot of colors, use it on a chair or tow perhaps and may be the curtains, but make sure the rest of the upholstery room is simple and draws its colors from that piece.

How Shivani Dogra gave her home a makeover

A home designed by Shivani Dogra in Arunachal Pradesh


natural fabrics

Her love for fabrics is evident in all the pictures. She says, ” I love Ikats in bright colours but am still waiting for an opportunity to use them. I love Indian handwoven textiles from all over the country- they’re unique and part of our heritage. In a country where old houses are giving way to flats and the furnishings used in the new places are imitation western, where money is spent blindly on what builders and contractors think is stylish, it’s important to realize that with a little effort and imagination you can have a flat that’s different  as you are.

Your home or office should be a place of beauty that you’re comfortable spending time in- an extension of who you are. This is what I try and achieve for every client that I work with. No two spaces are similar because no two clients are similar. I could dole out loads of advice here – but I think I should stop:).
I love shopping in the old markets of cities and small inconspicuous stores.” How thoughtful!

A dining table made of natural wood and botanical prints against it

Botanical prints against dining table

Like her style? Thinking what it would be like to unleash Shivani’s creativity in to your space? Then, you would be delighted to know that Shivani undertakes projects all over the country.  She says, ” I like travel and new projects in different places are more than welcome. I’m currently doing work in Valparai, Tamil Nadu. I’ve worked in Arunachal Pradesh as well. ”

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Shivani Dogra. You can find more of her work at Shivani Dogra Interiors and Styling



  1. Very well done. Beautiful transformation.

    P.S.: What kind of bed is used in first 'After' picture? Thanks

  2. kiranmayi


    I stay in Pune.
    Suggest where can I buy the colorful mats. Online links are also helpful.

    Also am looking for tips from you.
    1. I love dokra frames. I want to use them in my sofas. Pls suggest some ideas for that.
    2. I just bought a wrought iron bed. Want to paint to a new colour. pls suggest ideas

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