Exhausted? From the shopping, cleaning, and everything that comes with Diwali. Given the crowds, traffic, and a quadrillion(it’s a number, I didn’t make it up!) similar things with different labels,  gone are the days when shopping was a pleasant experience. Well, don’t be. It’s time to be happy with the family and not go into an overdrive that leaves you exhausted before the festivities begin.

If  you’re still looking to get your home ready in the next couple of days, here’s a quick checklist for a spotless home to get you going. And, of course, the bathroom in less than 30 minutes. It has worked for me and I bet it will for you too. the only change I did this time around was to use Cif for the bathroom floors; it’s worked wonders with minimum effort.

Are you ready for Deepavali? (Sssh…and a giveaway!)

Zansaar is sponsoring this awesome tea light holder with golden print on a turquoise base.

Zansaar giveaway: turquoise tea light holder

How to participate in this contest:

1. Choose three products from Zansaar you think will complement this tea light holder. For instance, it could be a table setting, in the kitchen..anything that comes to your creative mind.

2. Leave a comment here with links to the three products stating why.

3. I bet you were looking for the “like” the “dress your home” page on Facebook rule? Weren’t you? Aah..no there’s no such rule. I know you would if you really like this blog.

4. Contest ends: 6th November , 2013

5. The contest is open to Indian residents only.

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  1. I see a romantic night setting in the garden or balcony, with this :

    this for added comfort and a splash of colour
    and this to set the mood

    The above three along with the beautiful tealight holder would make a perfect relaxing and romantic evening/outdoor setting for me. :)

  2. I can imagine it!

    This pack of 2 diyas , arranged on 2 ledges, the beautiful turquoise lamp on an antique side table, a rani pink and sunset orange rug on the floor, these Ravengead Harlequin multicolored glasses arranged on a gold tray on the coffee table that has a turquoise, pink and gold silk runner, and these orange or pink or both colored curtains on the french windows :) and a beautiful platter of dry fruits and sweets on the table! happy diwali, everyone….

  3. We love spending time together on the floor….a rug for comfort,a glass of wine,hors d'oeuvres with the beautiful tea light giving us just enough light to create a warm and romantic evening together……..PERRRFECT!

  4. I love the ethnic decor and would love a placement like below:

    The tea light holder against the backdrop of this Buddha wall art:

    Placed on a beautiful end table like this:

    Complemented by this beautiful ornamental Call lilies in a jute sack beside the tea-light holder:

    Oh, yes, I already love your blog and also the write up on the portico fashion blog was great :-)

  5. These are some things that I can visualize –

    A colourful runner, with a lamp and a few flowers would be so nice.

    – This tray with the light and a few flowers floating in a bowl would be beautiful.

    lamp with some goodies to eat in the center table would be lovely.

  6. How about having diwali sweets decorated on the dark solid wood dining table with the above blue and gold tealight on the center with the following tablemat

    and table napkins with the golden napkin ring as in

    and kaju katli in these kind of plates with blues and prints

    Happy diwali!!

  7. Meenakshi

    What a glorious way to welcome the Festival of Lights…
    Would love to throw a tea party for my friends with this gorgeous tea light holder as 'conversation starter'…

  8. a table runner of purple which compliments the lantern and goes on the table

    i like this table set with chairs because it offsets the blue lantern

    this blue tissue box can go on the table set and would also match the lantern very well

  9. Nithya Iyer

    I would like to have this beautiful lantern adorning the room by setting it on one of the side tables/console tables, preferably in antique style or plain.
    And a lovely snap that has captured any joyous moment exhibited by the lit lantern.
    Would like to have more colorful tea light holders and brass/bronze as well here.

  10. Nithya Iyer

    OOh in my previous post i missed to give the link for the photo frame… here it is
    I would like to have this beautiful lantern adorning the room by setting it on one of the side tables/console tables, preferably in antique style or plain.

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