Today’s picks celebrates the fact that old is gold.  Be it age old designs, wooden blocks from our rich textile heritage, or brass/copper utensils from vintage kitchens, we bring in the old to give our space a whiff of fresh air and a break from everything glittering, shining and sparkling new. I feel that sometimes the sophistication that a rustic piece brings in can never be replaced by a brand new artifact.  What do you think?

vintage spoons, station clocks

1. Borosil sprakle Tea Light from Amazon for Rs.295

2. Vintage Spoons for Rs.2000 from Indian Shelf

3. Mosaic Ceiling Lamp for Rs.2640 from Indian Shelf

4. Heart printing wooden block for Rs. 1,760 from Indian Shelf

5. Station clock for Rs. 1899 from Fashion and You


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