Looking for a nameplate? Check Butterfly Homes!

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Hello folks! Having a good weekend? What’s with the sale season–it seems like the Hindi soap that just drag on and on…starting Navratri then Diwali, then GOSF, X’mas, New year, Sankranti and I don’t know what they call this one but all the shops are bleeding red. Come to think of it, it would be a special time to shop when there is no sale going on. Talking about GOSF, did you burn a hole in your wallet during GOSF? For me, GOSF was a treasure house of online retailers, many that I hadn’t heard of but was pleasantly surprised to discover. One such site was Butterfly Homes.

A typical home decor site that sells anything from bar accessories to tableware and clocks to cushions. But, I liked their customized nameplate collection, in particular.

customized nameplate

customized nameplate

This is mukhwas tray shimmering in gold that I loved:

mukhwas tray

Image courtesy:

Butterfly Homes


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