You know how it goes when you are shopping for something particular and you don’t find it. To say it’s frustrating is an understatement. I’ve been looking for storage boxes to organize linen in the bedroom closet, party extras, and knick-knacks in the pantry.

Goes without saying I have a budget, the number of boxes in specific dimensions, color choices, and extra brownie points if its easy to cart out and pleasing on the eye. Must I add I’ve been on the lookout for ages now from Total, @Home, More to M.K. Retail. If I can compromise on an inch or two, then it doesn’t  fit the bill. Rs.1,200 – Rs. 1,999 for a box. Time to invest in plastic companies, maybe huh?

Anyways the search led me to this awesome site called Foodesto who stock one of my favorite muesli.This is the thirteenth straight year of having only cereals for breakfast. We all have our own tastes, don’t we when it comes to cereals. Some like Kellooggs, some Bagrry’s. For me, it’s either been Dorset, Jordans, or Kellogg’s Fruit Harvest. My parents would often get Dorset for us.  Here are my picks:


Note to home bakers: do check their baking section.

P.S. Can’t vouch for the quality of service or products. No personal experience yet shopping on the site.

Image courtesy: Foodesto

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