Finding magnificence in colored walls and patterned tiles

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Hello everyone! How are you doing? I had a great start to the week with a fun DIY project yesterday – it’s not live yet but once it is you can read all about it on the Portico blog.

I was browsing tirelessly for images of a exposed brick wall. My parents are constructing an independent house, and I’m quite excited about how certain parts will take shape. Having an independent house with a backyard full of trees is a dream and until that takes shape, I would be happy to experience it through theirs. The house is small but will have a huge backyard of over 4,500 sq.ft. Mom often calls me and asks what do we do here, how should the facade be, do we have a seating by the window, red oxide flooring or vitrified, what material for the staircase…’s exciting!


Chidambara vilas heritage hotel

This exercise led me to the heritage hotels of Devakottai- Pudukottai and Karikudi. This picture, in all its magnificence, is that of Chidambara Vilas near Pudukottai. A trip to the region is long overdue and maybe on my next trip to Trichy, I’ve been thinking mom and I should just pack our bags and go leaving the boys behind. You know how it is:  our boys don’t draw pleasure seeing the cast iron pots and pans, the handwoven saris, or the heritage bungalows replete with mithams, thoons, and athangudi tiles. And maybe, drag along my aunt too who lived there years ago for years.

The Bangala, Karaikudi

How about you? Have you visited the region?

Image courtesy:

1. Chidamabara Vilas

2.The Bangala



  1. The first picture is just wow…I love heritage homes but the tragedy has been that I have never been to any. Just seen them virtually. Would love to visit this region and go on a heritage home tour. And maybe incorporate some of those ideas when we do build a house … harm in dreaming right :)

  2. Gorgeous… Never been to these places, you have made me drool :-) Lovely blog here!!

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