How To: Make a Book/Magazine Storage Box From a Kellogg’s Cereal Box

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What’s the easiest and healthiest breakfast on earth? If you are like me who has been on this breakfast Monday-Friday for as long as I can remember, then it has to be Kellogg’s Cereals! People often ask me if I don’t get tired of the same thing day after day. But they have so many flavors, how can one get tired? Anyways, this means that I have at least one empty cereal box every week that goes to the bin.

I was inspired yesterday to turn one of the boxes into a magazine storage box. This is not exactly a decor project but a little fun craft activity for your kids. I got my toddler involved and we transformed a honey flakes box for storing his alphabet-numeral series books.

A Magazine Storage Box from a Cereal Box
A Magazine Storage Box from a Cereal Box


1. Cut off the top flap – the entire horizontal portion.To make the bottom sturdy, you can insert this horizontal flap into the base.

2. Draw some nice curves or whatever design you’d like on the two vertical sides and cut them out using a scissor.

3. Stick plain white paper with glue on the sides.

4. Time to get creative. Get your kid to color on the paper or you can paint on it yourself using sketch pens, crayons or markers.

Colored Cereal Box for keeping books
Colored Cereal Box for keeping books


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