Hope you had a blast yesterday for Holi. Make a guess: how much can you fit in a 320 sq. foot space? Living and dining at the maximum, or perhaps living and a modest kitchen?

This enchanting, little 320-square foot cottage caught my eyes this morning, and I thought I must immediately share it with you all. Bigger isn’t always better, right? This theory is more relevant for us as we are debating if we should move into a bigger house, or what we should look for in a new property.

As a minimalist, big is not necessarily on my checklist for our 3-member family. But the husband begs to differ. The son and he prefer to play football inside. What do you think? Do you have sq.foot preference, or how big should the home be?


Table for two. cozy furniture.



attic usage

The home showcases how to make the most of limited square footprint. My takeaways:

  • be clever with hidden storage
  • go for large built-ins
  • buy compact furniture that will double up as storage such as coffee table with storage
  • think multipurpose such as a sofa cum bed
  • make use of the vertical height to be used as bunk beds
  • let natural light flow in
  • use cheery colors for furnishings
  • buy appliances meant for apartments
  • use stacked books as a side table

An optimized floor plan is the key to bringing it all together. Ensure there is no dead space such as corridors or walkways connecting the rooms. A space that flows fluid is paramount for a small footprint.

After seeing so many houses over the past few weeks, my eyes scan any floor plan effortlessly :) Tour the rest of this home at BHG

Image courtesy: BHG




  1. Vandana Venkat

    I'm excited that your apartment search is on again… That means we get to see some great analysis on upcoming apartments in the neighbourhood :-)

    I love the way you analyse apartments and their floor plans…looking foreward to it…….

  2. laksh

    Thanks, Vandana. My head is buzzing (more like saturated) with floor plans and model apartments. We have a funny name for every one of them we have seen so far. Oh, I had no idea you found it useful…

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