This has to be the longest search ever for baskets. From @ Home to Hyper City and M.K. Retail to Total and Safina Plaza (in the hope there may be some exhibition) to FabIndia, I’ve been everywhere. And still looking.

Total, Hyper City and M.K. Retail all carry the same type of baskets (beige and brown) of about the same sizes with little variation in prices. HomeTown has the Whitmor brand that I quite liked for its sturdiness. The dimensions fit perfectly what I’m looking for; it would be a neat fit in the closet. Aah..if only the price was’s Rs.3,000 a piece.  And I need at least four of them. Flipping through the pages of an Ikea catalog, I was stunned by the array of baskets made with so many different materials at really affordable prices.


Guess, the last resort is to go to Shivaji Nagar which I haven’t been able to.



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  1. Vandana Venkat


    Just curious , where are you put up???
    You seem to live pretty close to where I stay!!!

  2. I faced the same problem, Lakshmi. Finally, I got them custom made with natural weaves and wood. I'm still looking for smaller affordable storage bins, baskets..

  3. hi,
    I picked some baskets from Shivajinagar just a foot away from main busstop. They are also priced around rs.250 – 3k variaed by size and weave.. Do check . Hope you find what you are looking..

  4. laksh

    Thanks Arpitha. I know what I'm doing this Saturday afternoon :) A few weeks back I got ready (leaving the boys behind at home) but got back home after going half the way.

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