origami invite

My son’s birthday party was a last-minute-let’s-do-it affair. We had decided we wouldn’t have one, or probably have one a week later. But just like that, three days before his birthday, we decided to have one as my dad was visiting. There you go: all the arrangements had to be done, and by myself. Unlike every time, we were not getting food from outside. Just the cake.

I could have made it easy on myself by simply inviting people. Nah..everything has to be perfect and special. This was when every corner of the house was decked (not littered!) up with airplanes of some shape and size. So, I thought why not make an origami shaped invite. And, this was born. My son and I spent three hours meticulously measuring width and height of every rectangle, and deftly moving our fingers for a squash-fold.

origami invite

The 14 cute elephant printed invite cards not only lit up our faces but that of all the moms who opened it, too.  The pasta-party was a runaway success. The game we played was who makes an origami airplane that flies the farthest.

Origami birthday invitation

Sometimes, I work best under pressure :) How do you like to make your invites?

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All taken by me.

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